Mitsubishi 08-14 EVO X 3″ TP RESONATED Test Pipe


Mitsubishi 08-14 Evolution 10 3″  RESONATED Test Pipe

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Circuit Werks latest Mitsubishi EVO X FULL 3" POLISHED Resonated Test Pipes.  Could use with stock exhaust or any other aftermarket exhaust.  Two 2 bolt 3" gaskets included along with the hardware.  Wideband port is included with a plug if you do not need to use it.  A Non-fouler was welded on to prevent Check Engine Light.  This will not pass smog in most states.  Fits all 2008-2014 EVO X.

The resonator on our Circuit Werks Test Pipes is like a glass pack or a small muffler, designed to mellow out the tone of your exhaust.  This Resonated Test Pipe will replace your catalytic converter.  The resonator attempts to break up the sound of each combustion into more of a hum and reduce any drones and reduce tone.

The most restrictive part of any exhaust system is the catalytic converter.  The stock catalytic converter is meant to filter the flow of the exhaust gases to reduce the amount of harmful gases into the atmosphere.  That is a potential performance restrain.  Test Pipes eliminate the stock catalytic converters and reduce exhaust back pressure by maximizing exhaust flow.  This test pipe allows the turbo to spool up a lot faster and also build boost quicker.  The result brings out the vehicle's performance potential by giving it a high free flow exhaust system.


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