Circuit Werks Adjustable Silvia 240sx S13 S14 Inner Outer Extended Tie Rods Arm


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Circuit Werks 240sx strengthened inner and outer tie rod set

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The latest Circuit Werks strengthened inner and outer tie rod set is here!! These tie rods are designed to be stronger than the stock ones found in your 240sx. During hard driving or drifting, breaking and bending of the tie rod will be reduced or even eliminated using the Circuit Werks tie rod set. Circuit Werks tie rods offer more steering angles at full steering wheel lock. The OEM tie rods only offer limited steering wheel rotations, while this set allows for increased rotations. This makes the Circuit Werks tie rods a must have for drifting, because more steering angle will create deeper drift angles! The Circuit Werks inner and outer tie rods allows the user to fully adjust the bump steer which helps it that much more when racing on the tracks or just driving on the streets. Fits all Nissan S13/S14 240sx from 1989-1998. Fits right hand drive and left hand drive S13/S14.


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