o2 Oxygen Sensor Extender Harness 27″ 6 Wire Mustang 2015-2017 S550 GT 5.0 V8


Circuit Werks o2 extension harnesses for Mustang 2015-2017

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Circuit Werks is now offering Front(upstream) o2 extension harnesses for Mustangs.  Perfect option rather than cutting the harness, having issues with a poor connection and this is also faster and easier.

Designed for the use of custom applications or header/ exhaust modifications.

  • Comes with 2x - 27" o2 Extension Harness
  • Fits 2015-2017 5.0L GT Mustangs
  • Loom uses a flexible high temp cover
  • These harnesses vary slightly but will be a minimum 27" long


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