S200/S300 Flat Face “Ruined” V-Band Flange Clamp Borg Warner Stainless Steel


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S200/S300 Flat Face “Ruined” V-Band Flange & clamp kit

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S200/S300 Flat Face "Ruined" V-Band Flange & clamp kit includes 1x V-Flange & 1x matching Clamp for Borg Warner, Air Werks S200 & S300 turbos. 

This kit is NOT for use with genuine BW S200/S300 turbos that retain the genuine 4.21" tapered/angled V Band. It is for use with turbos that have been Ruined with third party flat face matting surface that measures closer to 4" OD rather then the genuine
 Ruined Flat Face S200/S300 V-Band Flange & clamp kit.
- #1 Tube/Pipe Side: 3.50" Inch I.D. For 3.50" O.D. exhaust pipe/tube.
- #2 Face/Seal Side: About 4" Inch O.D. flat face (not tappered)
- Overall Thickness/Height: 1.50" inch (1.50")
- Clamp: Extreme duty, stainless steel w/ high heat lock nut. 

Fits Borg Warner turbos with Flat Face Ruined discharge, including:
S246 (S200SX-46), S250 (S200SX-50), S251 (S200SX-51), S256 (S200SX-56)
S360 (SX300SX-60), S363 (S300SX-63), S366 (S300SX-66)

Or by part number, fits the following: 177258, 177267, 177329, 177257, 177268, 177281, 177275, 177272, 177280, 177283, 177284, etc


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