Test Pipe O2 Spacer Oxygen Sensor Extender Extension HHO Hydrogen Bung M18 x 1.5


Test Pipe O2 Spacer Oxygen Sensor Extender

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Looking for that better fuel economy with your Test pipes or HHO system? Well be sure to check out Circuit Werks HHO O2 sensor spacers!

These spacers are designed for use with, or without a HHO generator for better fuel economy. They are 32.7mm in overall height with thread that's just a hair larger than 1.25" inches.  The spacers will help lean out your factory Oxygen sensors, for better gas mileage. When using a HHO system without the use of O2 sensor spacers, you will be wasting fuel that your HHO system could be saving you! Each fitting sits in at 1.29 inches long. If you need more spacing to the o2 sensor, you can stack the fittings. Since the body has a tapered end, you will not need any washers for a perfect seal.

These spacers will fit majority of o2 sensors with 1/2" diameter tips as long as there the same tread pitch (M18 X 1.50) and not a bolt on sensor. They are also very easy to install. Just unscrew your factory o2 Sensor screw down the adapter and tighten then reinstall the O2 sensor/ spacer combo back into the factory O2 sensor location.  Not for Street use, Off-road use Only!


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