Universal 2.5″ 63mm V-Band Clamp & Flange Kit for Custom Testpipes, Downpipes, Exhaust, ETC


Universal 2.5″ 63mm V-Band Clamp & Flange Kit

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Circuit Werks latest 2.5" / 63mm V-Band Clamp and Flanges.  This V-band clamp are made out of Stainless Steel and the flanges are made out of Mild Steel.  2.5" / 63mm inner diameter.  Each flange wall thickness is 2.3mm.  The V-Band clamp comes with a nylon insert heavy duty hex locknuts, to provide extra strength and greater thread engagement.  These locknuts are thicker than standard nylon-insert locknuts. When fully tightened, the nylon insert provides vibration resistance and prevents loosening—without damaging mating threads.  All the flanges are CNC cut for precision.  Perfect for your custom exhaust, mid-pipe, test pipe, downpipe, custom turbo kits, and more...  


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