Volkswagen MK6 CBFA GTi 10-14 Golf 2.0T Straight Downpipe TSI


Volkswagen 2010-2014 TSI CBFA Golf GTi 2.0T 3″Straight Downpipe



Circuit Werks latest Volkswagen 2010-2014 TSI CBFA Golf GTi 2.0T 3"Straight Downpipe with 2x adapters for either your 3" aftermarket exhaust or use with our reducer for your stock exhaust system or any exhaust with stock diameter inlets.  Please double check before you order it.  Comes with three o2 bungs for the CBFA models.  Thank you very much!

If you're unsure which downpipe you need for your car, please contact us first. 

Comes with a gasket along with clamps, hardware and adjustable hanger bracket.  Professional installation might be required but this is a direct bolt-on.  

The most restrictive part of any exhaust system is the catalytic converter.  Circuit Werks downpipes are mandrel bent stainless tubing.  The stock catalytic converter is meant to filter the flow of the exhaust gases to reduce the amount of harmful gases into the atmosphere.  That is a potential performance restrain.  This downpipe eliminate the stock catalytic converters and reduce exhaust back pressure by maximizing exhaust flow.  This downpipe allows the turbo to spool up a lot faster and also build boost quicker.  The result brings out the vehicle's performance potential by giving it a high free flow exhaust system.

This will fit the following vehicle models

    Audi A3 2006-2013  Base L4 2.0 BPY/CBFA/CCTA FWD ONLY NOT for QUATTRO
    VW CC 2009-2016 Executive/Lux/Lux Limited/Lux Plus/Luxury/R-Line/Sport/Sport Plus MK6 Engine CCTA/CBFA L4 2.0 
    VW GTi 2006-2014 Base/GTi/Fahrenheit/Driver's/Wolfsburg MK6 Engine BPY/CCTA/CBFA L4 2.0 
    VW Jetta 2006-2013 2.0T/GLi/Wolfsburg Not for Gen 3 Motor MK6 Engine BPY/CCTA/CBFA L4 2.0 GAS FI T
    2009 SportWagen SEL Engine CCTA/CAFA L4 2.0
    VW Passat 2006-2010 2.0T/Value/Wolfsburg/Komfort/Tuobo/Lux Engine BPY/CCTA/CBFA L4 GAS


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